Birthday Trips, and other stuff.

Greg’s birthday is in 10 days. We usually celebrate by going somewhere since his birthday is around Memorial Day. Since we’re not is the U.S. of A we won’t have that holiday day off. But, luck will have it that there is a bank holiday the weekend of his birthday. Sweetness. We tried to book a B&B in Cambridge but lots of vacationers beat us to it and all of them were booked, even after changing the date to this weekend rather than Greg’s birthday weekend. We considered Cornwall but because it’s 5 hours away decided to go next month, for a long weekend, before school lets out. Next on the list was the White Cliffs of Dover but opted against it after further research. There is a ferry that leaves Dover to Normandy. My thoughts were that we could hit both places at once sometime in July, when it’s warmer, and celebrate Independence day while paying tribute to the fallen soldiers of WWII.

So…that leaves us with visiting Canterbury this Saturday. I love, love, love visiting cathedrals. I love, love anything old. I majored in History (along with English) just for the lectures. Had no plans to do anything within the field after graduating. So living in a country where the Romans once walked is a HUGE thrill for me. Having lived in England before I managed to visit a lot of the major cities except for a handful. This will be a first-time visit for me so I’m really looking forward to discovering Canterbury with G.

As for my birthday in June…We’re headed to Seville. I’ve been to Gerona, Barcelona and Madrid but not Seville. I am hoping for some nice warm weather and maybe a skydive? I was pretty certain for the last seven years that I would celebrate my 30th birthday by skydiving but now I am unsure. The trip was proving hard to book due to the mobile broadband connection crapping out on us. But after a few tries we booked it but now I am left thinking, “Well, maybe that was a sign telling me not to do it! Maybe if we do it I won’t live to see 31!” Yes, I like to overthink things. Can’t help it. So I’m left thinking whether or not we should schedule the jump. For all I know the date we want might already be booked. I guess I should try and find out and go from there? Maybe. Perhaps I can save the jump for when we visit Switzerland? Hmm…but it won’t be my birthday. Oy. We’ll see.

So what else is going on? Having downsized from a four bedroom house to a 2 bedroom flat is proving a bit difficult. The best thing about downsizing is that we got rid of all the excess we accumulated. We had 4 TVs in our house. Why? Why did we have 4 when we used 2? We also had 2 VCRs and 2 DVD players. We’re not pack rats, we just never got around to having that garage sale before we sold the house. Anyhow, we sold a lot of crap. Loads. Yet here we are trying to fit two living rooms worth of furniture (bookcase, desk, couch, coffee table, dinner table) into one. We overestimated the size of the living room (or reception room, as they say here) and it looks a bit cluttered. Forget about the bedrooms. Home have no closets here. None. Rooms have wardrobes in them instead. Sadly, the wardrobe is taken up by my stuff and the dressers are almost full. We have quite the project ahead of us. Well, more me since I am at home and it’s my clothes that need to be put away, still. I sit here wondering why the heck did I bring ALL of my running clothes? Heels higher than 2 inches when I know I won’t have a car to save me the pain from walking in them for too long? Piles of jammies? Jeebus. I think I will have to do a bit of downsizing again. Oh well. I know it’ll feel very satisfying once everything has a place.

Oh, random moan for the day: two (we think) of our boxes were missing from our shipment! We’re missing stuff that was given to us for our wedding and that makes me the saddest. Here’s hoping the shipment company finds the boxes. SIGH.

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One thought on “Birthday Trips, and other stuff.

  1. I can totally relate – when I moved here, I HAD to have everything! (I even got rid of stuff before)…and yet I’m STILL weeding things out today and we have a storage room full of JUNK. I swear the next time we move, I just want 2 suitcases each. Ugh. However, I like the idea of moving because it means you can start weeding out again! Just hate packing 😦 Glad to hear you guys are adjusting well!

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