Quick Neighborhood Tour

G not only found us a flat, he took pictures of the ‘hood we hopefully will be calling home.

Tooting Broadway Tube Station

Our flat (hopefully), lower right

Some pictures of the high street

Forgot some veggies for the stew/pasta/salad dish? No problem!

My next employer? Hope so. I wanna bake bread, dammit.

And a few of my favorite things

Can I just tell you how much I am looking forward to walking everywhere!!! The tube and the high street is a mere five minute walk from the flat. IDEAL! And it’s about 40 minutes from central London. Not too bad.I am so looking forward to big city living again.

Sorry I have to make this post short. I still have to finish a lot of packing and related chores ( prep garage sale!) before this house closes (tentatively scheduled for April 6).

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4 thoughts on “Quick Neighborhood Tour

  1. Vic on said:

    Looks marvelous! I hope it works out.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thanks! We’re in the home stretch hoping to avoid any hiccups.

      I hope your upcoming moves goes smoothly. Moving with kitties is not easy. Hopefully they will sit back and enjoy the ride.

  2. Good luck on your move! I’m very jealous because it sounds so exotic and exciting. While I’ve been to Europe, I’ve never been to England. In just this last week, I’ve discovered that you and another friend of mine will be calling it “home!” And I’ve just reconnected with another friend from my high school days who lives across the pond now, too! So, best of luck to you! The flat looks amazing!

  3. PHAT! I’m sure the Brooklynite inside you is stoked — you’ll get to walk to and explore so many awesome places! Plus, it’ll probably be nice to get away from the yeehawriffic red state of Texas for awhile. 😉

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