*Fingers Crossed*

After a day and a half on the market we are under contract. We need lots of good luck mojo sent our way. If things go smoothly we are looking at an April 9, or before, closing date. Luckily we also have one back-up offer and are still accepting more. *Cue hallelujah again*

So many things went into getting this house onto the market it is hard to pinpoint what that one thing that sealed the deal. Was it staging? Was it marketing? Was it pricing the house for sell? Who knows? I do know our realtor kicks ass and I am very thankful that she is representing us with our best interest in heart. It’s so important to find someone you get on with well and who knows their stuff. When selling or buying you truly have to get on with that person who essentially shapes your future. A bit dramatic? Maybe. I know I wouldn’t know what to do in this matter unless someone was holding my hand. We took all of her suggestions and right now we’re looking at possibly me leaving sooner than later, according to our ideal plan. I wonder if we could have gotten an offer without the staging but who knows? I shouldn’t question it since the best outcome has come about.

Now the most vulnerable part of the process begins. Please let the inspection tomorrow go well. And please let these buyers stay with us until the very end because they are *ideal*. Please, please, oh please.

Hmm…have I jinxed the process by writing about it? Send me good-luck vibes stat!!!!

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5 thoughts on “*Fingers Crossed*

  1. Um, I would buy your house. I had a looksie via fb and was stunned by America yet again – gorgeous, roomy houses for about a tenth of the price of a cramped flat here! Ha.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      We are not looking forward to downsizing but it’s a sacrifice we’ll make for big city living and fun travel. Let me know if you want me to bring you any American treats. I don’t mind.

  2. Wow! Only a day and a half on the market?!?! We are planning to put our house on the market too, but we don’t think we’ll be as lucky. GOOD LUCK with everything!

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Stage, stage , stage. If you have time and have a good eye do it. If funds permit, hire someone. Staging makes your house shine when compared to other homes for sale in the area. And trust your realtor. They have your best interest at heart. At least, they should. Good luck!

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