To say this week has been crazy…

…would be quite the understatement. We have managed to knock down our to-do list from three pages to one. To one page that is mostly done! Booyah! We are catching bullets with our teeth! (<—Last Dragon reference if you’re curious). I am currently blogging at a coffee shop so I can be out of the stager’s way. A moving truck showed up! I have a great feeling that our house is going to look quite the stunner when she is done with it.

Everything is coming together rather smoothly (PLEASE CONTINUE THAT WAY). We managed to finally put the final bits into storage and get the junk hauled yesterday. Greg’s parents are in town and they will leave tomorrow with the kitties (let’s not discuss that right now, too sad). The photographer comes this afternoon to take pictures of all the rooms so that they go live tomorrow. Our house will officially be on the market tomorrow! *Cue Hallelujah* I am going to stay positive that our house is going to sell considering I’ve seen pictures of the comparable houses in our hood and they are not nearly as nice as ours. And our house isn’t amazing, so that’s saying a lot about the other homes. We did have new sod put in and that bumped up the curb appeal a whole bunch of notches. I will miss our house but it needs to sell. I want to be in London by next month. Sadly, once the house goes under contract a whole new to-do list needs to written up. On that list will include: huge garage sale, posting furniture to sell on craigslist, partying with friends, cleaning the house, packing and shipping boxes, and anything else I am forgetting. I have my work cut out for me.

In other exciting news G’s been given a survey on where we would like to live in London. Where do you begin? First, not in the hood, been there done that, don’t want to do it again. I really liked the Putney area when I lived there back in ’02/’03. Our must-haves are close proximity to his job, laundry facility in the flat or in the building, and decent nearby shopping. If we have to lug around carrying groceries we’d prefer not to do it across 10 blocks. Been there, done that and it was not cool. Well, unless we get an old lady shopping cart. Then it would be cool.

Sigh. G leaves in less than a week. It will be me and a bunch of furniture left. Boo. I think my lady friends should come and drink wine with me while vegging in the hot tub. Tell me that wouldn’t make the end of the workday better?

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One thought on “To say this week has been crazy…

  1. Trish on said:

    Now I’m having second thoughts on this stager idea…you’ll have to tell me how much this cost and if t was worth it or not.

    And, um – hot tub + wine + sugary goodness? (I just added that last one in there cause it went well.) Like you have to ask woman!

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