Quick Update

Life is about to get crazy next week. We are doing everything possible to sell our house…like the following:

1. We have to store the last bits before the cleaning crew arrives.
2. House gets cleaned on Monday.
3. House gets staged on Wednesday. And Greg’s parents come to pick up the kitties. They are THANKFULLY taking care of them until they can join us in 6 months.
4. Realtor comes to take pictures Thursday.
5. House goes on the market Friday.
6. Open house on Sunday (and hopefully the last).

We want this process to go quickly. Our passports and other information have been overnighted to the agency handling the visa application. We can expect the visas in the mail by next week if all goes smoothly. And G will be in London in the next couple of weeks.

Holy crap.

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6 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Roberta on said:

    Wow! That is fast. Good luck to you guys and eat your Wheaties!

  2. Liz on said:

    Wow, you Americans are serious about moving house. We don’t do any of that crap! I never realised Greg was gonna be here so quickly. When are you gonna be joining him? Or does that depend on the house?

    • mujerboricua on said:

      If the housing market wasn’t doing so poorly we would definitely cut corners. Unfortunately, we have to do everything we can to sell the house fast, even if it means hiring services we never would have considered. Sigh. Here is hoping the house sells next month and I can be on my way to London (via NYC woo hoo!) by April.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      We got an offer so I am hoping to be there by April! ::Fingers crossed:: Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

  3. BTW – I have been watching all those home staging/selling shows on HGTV and we’ve been working on decluttering, depersonalizing, etc…etc… do you think a professional stager is worth the money?

    • mujerboricua on said:

      If our house hadn’t sold so fast I would argue no, it’s not worth the money. But our house did sell and we have an even better backup offer. Even though the fast sale may be due to a combination of staging, price to sell, and marketing, the staging is what I think made people view our house. The house looked fantastic on the realtor’s website. If you’re curious I posted a link on my Facebook page.

      At the very least get a consultation from a stager. That alone helped A TON. She walked around for two hours telling us how to improve each room and how to maximize the space. You can very well just use that information and run with it. We decided to hire her to do it instead of us doing it because she brought in a lot of pieces that tied each room beautifully.

      Oh! Also, staging increases the chances of getting your asking price by 93%…I think. Something high like that. So regardless if you go with someone or not, do stage.

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