Dear Austin Marathon…

Thanks for a completely anti-clamtic finish. No really. Thanks. For those who put in the effort of completing 13.1 too slowly were rewarded with no medal and no finisher’s shirt. So eff you, Austin Marathon. You sold out weeks ago and had your numbers. There’s no damn excuse as to why you fell short. And there’s no excuse as to why you’ve ignored my tweets and emails.

And also, get a freaking sponsor so people won’t get stuck with craptastic bookbags as swag. WTF. Like an athlete wouldn’t already own a decent gym bag. Hell, my toiletries would take up most of the space in that unfortunate gifted item. Some people might argue, “Oh, I have enough shirts.” You can never have enough shirts. I get new ones, discard old ones. That way I am always glossy on the trail 🙂

All kidding aside. Find a sponsor. Give me back my food coupons, free fuel samples and TWO t-shirts. I’ll even take the mix CD consisting of local artists (I actually liked it). And the two port-a-potties at evey OTHER mile was ridiculous. I had to nip into Whataburger to pee. Not cool. You had 15000 participants! What were y’all thinking. Jeebus.

Now, send me my damn medal and my damn t-shirt so I can say I’ll do this race again in the future with hopes you return to the way you were in the glory days.

AT&T, where are you?

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2 thoughts on “Dear Austin Marathon…

  1. mujerboricua on said:

    I swear I am not generally this mean.

  2. Emily on said:

    I’d be pissed too if I ran all that way and didn’t get the medal and t-shirt! Congrats on finishing! Hopefully they’ll make those improvements for next year’s race.

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