Cocktails have become my friends

We have been so overwhelmed with all we have to do that we haven’t gotten excited about moving. We mostly sit, scared to move, thinking of all the things to do. It would be so easy to make the move if we didn’t own a house or cats. Thank God we don’t have children. I can’t imagine trying to move house with cats and kids in tow. Moving that cats is an ordeal in itself. They have to get rabies shots (check) and in three weeks have blood drawn to make sure the antibodies are working and the rabies are nonexistent. The blood sample has to be sent to a specific lab in Kansas, Kentucky, somewhere with a ‘K’. The test results will take another three weeks. Once we get that the cats have to wait six, yes, six months before they can make the trip over. But not before being treated with tick and tapeworm medicine not less than 24 hours and no more than 48 hours before being checked in to the airport. Oy FUCKING vey. Poor kitties. They don’t know what they are in for.

Ludo being ADORABLE. Like always.

S.Y.P.H. (Shout Your Pie Hole) being fat. What he does best. 20 lbs. of kitty love.

We hope the cats will forgive us for leaving them with Greg’s parents for five or so months and making them take a long ass flight. Poor kitties.

Aside from kitty stress we have, of course, home staging stress. We have to decide what to put in storage, what we need to part with and what we want to send over. It feels great to purge things you haven’t looked at in over a year…but it’s not so great to do when you have a timeline looming over you. I don’t mind getting rid of stuff if we could organize a proper sale of it all. Last thing I want to do is sell my Cuisinart coffemaker for $10 at a garage sale. Posting it on craigslist is the other option. Craigslist can be such a pain when it comes to selling. People tend to be wishy washy and attempt to haggle with you. Hello! If I want to haggle I would…drum roll…sell it at a garage sale. Bah. Sigh…Our new lawn has been pushed back to March so that gives us some breathing room but it prolongs my stay here. Greg will more than likely get his visa in the next three weeks and head over soon after. I will stay here and try to tie up loose ends. By my lonesome. Sad days to come.

I hope the house will sell quickly (staging increases sales by 93%, holla!) and I can start on this new adventure. I love Austin. Love, love, love Austin. And love my friends here even more but I think living in this house makes me feel unsettled. We’ve cut the strings and it doesn’t feel ours anymore. Not to me anyhow. Greg may feel differently. When the house is officially staged I won’t be able to mess things up. I’ll have to make sure to hide the cats when people come to view it. March is going to be an interesting month.


I’ll leave my exercise plan for another post. I am done venting/sharing/moaning for now.

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4 thoughts on “Cocktails have become my friends

  1. 1. Cocktails are a gal’s best friend!
    2. Your cats are so precious. If something falls through with the ILs and you need cat baby sitters, don’t hesitate to ask. Kind of not joking.
    3. I am stressed about moving ourselves and our cats, but we only have a 2/1 apartment and we’re only moving to DC, not across the globe! So I cannot imagine your stress level right now. For what it’s worth, at least you don’t need to worry *right now* about physically moving the cats and dealing with THEM being stressed out when you guys go across the pond. Maybe that will help a bit.
    4. Can’t believe you’re also tackling weight loss in the midst of all this… you go girl.
    5. I have NO CLUE how to help but if I can, AT ALL, please let me know! ❤

    • mujerboricua on said:

      I will feel your moving pain. Moving sucks even if it’s just across town.

      Thank you so much for offering to kittysit and help. I really, really appreciate it.

  2. Trish on said:

    Poor baby cats – they will be fine though, and once they get to the UK they will be SOOOO happy to see you guys!! Hiding them for showing the house is another story I’m sure. Not my fave part of the equation either.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thankfully Greg’s parents are coming March 3 to get them. Phew! Huge relief. Sad that they are leaving soon but happy that they won’t be a problem during the showings.

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