It’s official!

Greg accepted the offer today and we will be moving to London in the next few months. Details still to come.

Let the adventure begin!

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10 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. Roberta on said:

    Yay! Congrats to both of you. Way to go Greg! Mela, I know you will make the most of being in London and I cannot wait to read about your adventures there.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thank you! I am super excited and Greg is still in shock. This whole experience should be pretty interesting. And fun, I bet.

  2. Congrats!!! What a fun adventure to take on together!

  3. jen on said:

    that’s really exciting!

    and i just found your blog. i’m behind. who knows what else i will discover when i actually click on someone’s twitter name instead of reading the feed?!

    • mujerboricua on said:

      That’s funny because I just added yours to my Google reader right after you posted about changing your layout. I LOVE reading blogs. It’s the voyeur in me 🙂

  4. Emily on said:

    Congrats! That is so super exciting. Good luck with the move and keep on blogging. Can’t wait to follow you on your new adventure.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thank you! I am really hoping that I won’t get lazy about writing with everything we have to do.

      I am depending on you and the Austin bloggers to keep me in touch with the going-ons in this wonderful city. I am already starting to miss it something fierce.

  5. Trish on said:

    Gosh – I am REALLY behind on things here. I mean, I knew this happened but reading your blog and seeing the date made me gasp. It’s really happening – so exciting!!!!

  6. i’m really really late on joining and reading your blog – thanks twitter! but you are so going to love being an expat! I can’t wait to read your adventures!!

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thank you! I am really, really looking forward to it. Traveling is something we live to do and it’ll be nice to do it for less while living there.

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