Yay productivity!

Yesterday I contacted a handful of lawn care businesses about getting some quotes on replacing the lawn in our front and back yards. The summer temps killed them. The realtor believes people won’t want to come in and see the house if the curb appeal is lacking. Very true.  Greg and I completely agree so we decided the lawn is the main priority among the things we need to do in order to prep the house. Another suggestion was to paint an accent wall in our livingroom. I can’t help but wonder if it’ll make the room look smaller. Hmm… There’s still time to think about it. We also have to get some shingles fixed on our roof. The damage came from a tree falling on it but luckily the damage was minimal and can be easily repaired. Phew.

I don’t think the house will be hard to sell. *I hope*. It’s such a pretty, pretty house. Sigh. I am already starting to miss it. I heart the vaulted ceiling in the livingroom, the wood floors throughout and all the open space. I never lived in a house until I moved in with a former roommate at the age of 27. Isn’t that kind of sad? Home was always a box-shaped dorm room or an 800 sq. ft apartment. Blah. I guess I will miss having the space.

But you know what I won’t be missing? Driving! I hate driving! And I think it has to do with learning at 24 (notice a late bloomer trend?). I am the ever vigilant and road rules abiding driver and I get really pissed off when drivers don’t do the same. And it seems that all of Austin either drives really fast or really slow and the other lot refuses to use their blinker. Bah! I hate driving. The only thing about it I like if the convenience it offers when doing grocery shopping. I hope when we move back to Austin that there will be a light rail to Dallas and a commuter rail to take me to SoCo.

So what else do we have to do? What don’t we have to do? We walked throughout the house and listed all the stuff we will either keep or sell. The next big thing, for me anyway, is to sort out through all my clothes and shoes and decide which ones will be part of a clothing swap. I don’t think I will taking any clothes for myself (more to pack) but I will happily give up part of my wardrobe. Add some fresh baked bread, cheese and wine into the swap party and I think it will be quite successful.

The other BIG to-do is the garage sale. I hate them. So much prep for just four hours? I need to make sure to promote the hell out of it because I don’t want to take a bunch of it to Good Will.

So much to do. Writing it down does help me feel better about it all.

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3 thoughts on “Yay productivity!

  1. Trish on said:

    Def a lot to do, at least we can kind of go through the house pain together. I made a list of things to pack, sell, give away too and will try & get to the closet this weekend when not doing wedding crap. I won’t be taking much if anything at the swap either, but I hope to eat a lot of cheese & delish bread. Not enough to make me lose my weight loss challenge but – a lot.

  2. mujerboricua on said:

    I can get some nice rich cheese so a little will go a lot. And I will attempt to make another ciabatta. A lot of work but so, so, so worth it. It was very tasty.

  3. Roberta on said:

    So exciting! I wish we were there to help. We’ll just be sending you our good and positive energy!

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