Things to do

We have a long list of things we have to do in order to prepare for the move we are eighty percent sure we’re taking on. A priority on the list for Greg? Beat the video games he has started. And I think it’s the cutest, and smartest, thing for him to do at the moment. He won’t be able to take his game consoles or his games since they won’t be usable abroad. And games relax him and in order to get through the next few weeks I need a relaxed Greg.

So play on Greg! Play on.

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3 thoughts on “Things to do

  1. Aw, that is sweet of you to be so patient and supportive of his games. I’m not sure I would be! Then again, I’ve got sports to contend with… lots and lots and lots of sports 🙂

    Such exciting things coming up for you two!

  2. Trish on said:

    I know you aren’t much on the games but perhaps play one where you can kill some stuff. I love killing Aliens and shit – it def relaxes me!!

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