It’s not like…

…we are trying to plan our future in another country. Yet, wait, we totally are. So why is it taking so long for people to get back to Greg with details. It has technically only been a day (today being Day 2) but still. I am very impatient. I like getting answers and things done fast. Can’t help it. I want to start prepping the house. Making lists of things to pack, to sell, to lend to friends. I want to take the kitties to the vet so we can get their shots in order. I want to start planning my Thanksgiving menu so I know what dishes to pack. I want to get quotes on reviving our lawn after the Summer-Temps-From-Hell killed it. I want to paint an accent wall..? Um that was suggested but I am not convinced we need to do that. Maybe it’s because I HATE painting because I suck so badly at it. I want to start applying to jobs abroad, maybe, assuming I can work. That would be stellar. Anyhow, so, so, so much to do. We need a call, an email, something!


Tick-tock*. And we wait.

*Okay, who totally thought of the Ke$ha song?

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