*sigh of relief.

So everything is officially done. All the stressful events we had scheduled the last three months (our wedding, the holidays, traveling to France and Florida and run/walk 39.2 miles) are OVER.  I can breathe again. Well, kind of. Greg got an offer from the company he interviewed with and now we are waiting to hear some answers to our questions before Greg decides to accept. I think we are about 70% on board with moving to London. Holy shit!!! It will mean less money but a better career opportunity for Greg. And an amazing adventure. I am always up for an adventure (backpacking Europe solo for 2 weeks, attending university in Virginia and in London sight unseen, moving to Austin jobless and sight unseen, putting a personal ad on Craigslist <INSANE>, you get the point) and thankfully I married a man who is willing to humor me. Sigh…so the idleness will not last long. If we decide to go that means we have to stage the house for a sale/rent, pack/sell our stuff, sell my car and get the cats prepped for crossing the pond. So much to do but I won’t think about it too much until the offer has been accepted. Until then I will work on applying for work.

I went on an interview but apparently it didn’t go as well as I thought it did. They were suppose to let me know today if I got the job or not and I never heard from them. Oh well. Back to the unemployment line. You may be wondering: why look for a job? Well, many reasons. First, it would be nice to have some extra spending money. I miss that. Secondly, if we decide that Greg shouldn’t take the job that still leaves me needing one. And thirdly, it would be nice to actually do something with my days. With nothing left to plan or train for I am left with nothing much to do.

I started this post with the intention of posting a few Disney pics. But before I do I have to share my opinion on the Goofy Challenge. I was pretty fearful about doing it. I mean, who commits to 39.3 miles in the span of 2 days? Goofy is right. I like adventure so I signed up hoping to lose weight while training and get fit by the wedding. Sadly I burned out of running by September and I struggled to run at least once a week after that. Hell, I didn’t run once while in Paris, so you can see where I was getting my doubts from. I didn’t go into the challenge with much strategy except to take the half easy and save my legs for the full. Well, if you have ever participated in a race you know how easy it is to get carried away with the crowd and compete with those around you. I ran a decent half. Nothing amazing. I was a bit sore that night but I took it easy and rested.

Florida was not immune to the wretched cold front affecting the east coast. There was freezing rain during the half and it was 30 effin’ degrees. Marathon day: low 20s. I couldn’t feel my feet until after running a mile, both days.I have never in my life felt that cold in my life. It was pure misery waiting for the races to start. The shuttle buses picked you up by 4AM at the latest but the race didn’t start until 5:40 (if you were in the first wave) or 6:10 (if you were in the last wave and I was). I wouldn’t have mind waiting if it had been 50 degrees or so. Otherwise, the races were well organized. They had pretty good support, with water stops on both sides of the street (love that!) and a med tent at every mile after ten miles (I think). During the marathon I needed the med tent every mile after mile 19. The bridge in my right foot was KILLING me. Thank heaven for Bio Freeze! I finished that race by repeatedly singing, “Just keep running, just keep running,” when I was able to run. I also kept thinking about the medals. I would be damned if I would walk around Disney jealous of everyone’s medals. So I ran, mostly walked really fast, and finished.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take pictures with the characters along the way because I was scared of wasting time. I had to complete both races with a 16 min./mile average in order to earn the Goofy medal. Yes, that’s quite a lot of time to finish a race but not so when you’re out of shape and under trained (me). Finally, if I had to mention another con, it’s that it’s hard to spectate without a car. Greg was only able to see us (my friend Michelle and I) finish, not cheer us along the route. Anyway, without further ado, the pics:

Notice that there is no line to get your packet. It’s because no one is that goofy to sign up for this challenge.

See, there are A LOT of people planning to run the full and the half but not both.

We had to.

Wet from the rain but so damn happy I finished the Donald. I had 4 layers on. Kept all of them.

Here’s Michelle high-fiving Minnie during her marathon finish. Notice that she still has her gloves on! I finished with my gloves too. It never warmed up.

Michelle with her bling.

Me, my bling, and my girl Daisy.

These are the baddest (yes, I went there) ass medals ever.

Being Goofy.

Chillin’ with Minnie and Mickey. Of course.

Fireworks at the castle.

We were quite determined to get pics with Goofy before we left. We found him and he was pretty excited for us. So cute.


After all the stress brought on by training and missed training I would still totally do it again. The course is easy and very doable. My goal for next time would be to run fast enough to have time to spare to take pictures with the characters.

Next race: Austin Half Marathon February 14. I don’t think I will train for that either 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Ahhh*

  1. Looks like a great time! Congrats on finishing. Love the medals, and the pics. That one of the fireworks over the castle looks like a postcard.

    I’ll be running the half on 2/14 too! Maybe I will see ya out there.

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thank you! Vic, you are way too fast for me to see out on the course but I may see you around the start. Hope you have a great run!

  2. Trish on said:

    Finally catching up on your blog – Yay!!! So glad you made it without killing yourself. Just goes to show what you can do when you put yor mind to it!! Go M!!

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