In other news…

…I am back from Paris and it was amazing. You know, I love Greg, but I think I love him more after the trip, if that’s possible. We get along so well it blows my mind. We had so many sitcom moments we had to laugh. If not, we would get angry if we thought too much about the bad luck. This was by far the best trip we have taken. And we have traveled to a lot of places together. The whole experience made me really see how we are truly best friends. When I was younger I dreamed of a relationship like that but never thought it was in the cards for me. But here I am, living it. Okay, corny sappy crap over now.

Because the trip was so long I am going to break it into parts: Food, Sights and Parisian/French Observations.

We will begin with my favorite: FOOD! I ate so many sweets on this trip that it’s a wonder that I am not 20 pounds heavier. I think the 5 miles of walking a day have something to do with that. Thank goodness we are nerds who love visiting museums and walking the distance to capture beautiful pictures (more Greg than me but I took lots of pics, I must admit).

Lucky for me I came across a NY Times article that listed some of the city’s best places to find pastries. I took note and made sure to include it on our Google Map of Sights we made. Those maps came in handy because due to outrageous ATT service fees we chose not to use my GPS. We mapped all the places we wanted to go and Greg printed out zoomed-in sections of the city to make the viewing of side streets a lot easier. If you have ever been to Europe you know that you can be get easily lost *like that*. The roads end and begin randomly and a map is truly needed. I kept telling Greg that I can’t believe I survived in Paris by myself for 5 days without the internet, GPS or a proper map. I honestly don’t know how I got around  in 2001. Anyhow, planning out the places, and labeling them according to what they were (ex. food, museum) made getting around a HELL of a lot easier. My GPS wasn’t used once. Not to say we didn’t go in the wrong direction here and there, because we did. But that was okay because we got to see more of the city that way. Had we gotten really lost, I would have cried. I don’t do well lost.

Anyhow, here are the food pics. Click on them to see them bigger 🙂

I am obsessed with sweets, which is why I gave them up prior to the wedding. I can’t say no to chocolate or a tasty, tasty pastry if I don’t have to. So in Paris, I never said no. Ever. We tasted some of the best desserts I have ever tasted in my life. For instance, the macarons, I thought I would hate. I assumed they would taste like meringue or something. But they are pure heaven! I can see why brides are going nuts to serve them in dessert buffets or give them out as wedding favors. Yum. My other favorite were the lemon tarts. Oh. My. God. Amazing. Sigh. Wish I had one right now.

We tried repeatedly to get the best baguettes from well known bakeries but by the time we got there they were all out! I finally got my hands on one and it was delicious. What made it better? Nutella. Nutella makes everything better. So much so I am taking it with me to Disney so I can have it on my bagel pre-race.

Hope the pictures don’t make you too hungry. While I was editing the pics I literally had to indulge in a Lindt chocolate bar. Had to.

I think I will be giving up sweets again soon 🙂 My waistline is not happy with me.

If you have any questions as to where I visited and bought stuff let me know. I am feeling kind of lazy and not in the move to write all the boulangeries and patisseries down. I still have to pack and do my hair. I am trying to decide which is the lesser evil.

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