Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Even as a child. Thanksgiving trumping Christmas? Yup. My extended family always got together for Thanksgiving. I remember one Thanksgiving day we were waiting to be picked up (only a few people in my family know how to drive. Seriously. We’re from New York City, you don’t need to know how) to go to Staten Island for dinner. My cousin was running super late (like usual) and I was beside myself waiting. I just started crying because I was losing valuable family time. How was I suppose to enjoy Thanksgiving TV with cousins, aunts and uncles if I was stuck in Brooklyn…waiting? And lets not forget the best part of Turkey Day TV: Wrestling on Pay-Per-View! (I swear I no longer follow that melodrama). Needless to say we finally got to Staten Island in time for dinner and great TV with the family.

Last year we decided to stay in town and celebrate it with our family here, the great friends we’ve met in Austin. We took on the crazy idea of making everything from scratch. Everything. It was insane. We started cooking the night before and were not done until dinner time. Everyting turned out great but it wasn’t worth all the stress and work. Next time we host Thanksgiving we will ask people to bring the sides and we’ll take care of the bird and dessert.

That brings me to my favorite Thanksgiving dessert: Cindy’s pumpkin pie. I was never one for pumpkin pie, too heavy. I preferred cheesecake as the main dessert of choice. But I came across this beauty in ’03 when I was looking to use some pureed pumpkin (I had bought a pumpkin for Halloween and decided to puree and freeze it). The best thing about this recipe is that it calls for melted vanilla ice cream instead of evaporated milk. WINNER! I heart ice cream so I figured this recipe was a winner. And it is. It’s uber light, silky and yummy. So I have been making it ever since, and you should too. But do note that I have never made it with canned pumpkin (never!). I have always baked and pureed it and I am convinced that adds to the deliciousness.

Happy baking! Oh, and, happy turkey day!

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2 thoughts on “Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

  1. qortez on said:

    It’s the best pumpkin pie, ever. Seriously.

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