What to do, what to do, what to do?

Having decided to run a marathon in January makes for an awkward training schedule. Awkward because my Rock’N’Roll running group is tapering now and will be done in a couple of weeks (on my wedding day to be exact). No biggie. I can keep training with my Austin running group but they won’t do their long run until the end of January, weeks after Disney. So how is a girl to get her 21 miler in with some support?

If you’ve ever done a run longer than 15 miles you know you need support. I feel good when people cheer me on. I feel great when I can get my hands on some fresh pretzels, oranges, or GU at mile 19. In ’08, my group ran eight miles before the 3M half marathon (great race, by the way) and continued on to race and complete our needed 21 miles. I’d love to do something similar this time around but the only option I have is to do the Decker Half Marathon on December 12. I have two problems with this option: 1) Decker is four weeks from my marathon day, not the suggested three weeks. 2) It’s Decker. Decker was the worst race I ever ran. As a slow runner I still expect my share of water at the hydration stops. But not so at Decker. The volunteers ran out of water at not one station, but two stations! Imagine running for four miles in 100% humidity, 80+ degrees and no water. Luckily I run with a fuel belt but dammit if it wasn’t getting low and starting to panic. That’s the last mental stress you want to deal with.

My other option is to run the scheduled eight miles with Austin Fit on December 19 and add on 15 miles. Not liking that option. 15 miles solo suck! And again, I want support so this one won’t do.

Last option is to possible complete the Dallas White Rock Marathon scheduled for December 12. Problem is I haven’t done a 21 miler for it! Vicious circle! What to do, what to do, what to do?

The cause of my dilema:


What would you do?

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