It’s been a while

I haven’t properly blogged in ages. My bad. I have been concentrating on little wedding projects, keeps me entertained. If it wasn’t for those projects I would go mad. The novelty of being *funemployed has run out. Perhaps it’s because I am no longer doing boot camp and that helped jump start my days. October has been blah for me. I am struggling to make it to the gym, finding it hard to leave the house. By the time I realize it it’s time for Greg to come home. BAM, day gone. Don’t get me wrong, I have bake a few loaves and fought with the glue gun but I think I need more of a purpose. I think I have lost sight of this and this.

I am trying to perfect my baking skills but I am still left feeling as though I can’t possibly make a life from making bread. I can’t see myself going from my kitchen to a commercial kitchen. I can’t see myself selling myself when I am not confident in my skills. I guess that is what practice is for, to gain that experience, that confidence.

As for running, I’ve been training since April. I’m kind of over waking up at 5AM on Saturday mornings. Boot camp and spinning kept me in shape enough to keep up with the long runs. Now that boot camp is over I won’t be able to keep up unless…I start running during the week. *Gasp!* I need some hard core motivation. A reminder as to why I am doing Goofy, why I want to be fit? I have the time and the means so why not go out and run? Dunno. I think I hit a mental roadblock. Assistance needed.

In other news G and I will be married in 33 days. Crazy! Where did all the time go? I started to panic at the 2-month mark. That’s when I started to DIY like crazy. Well, not too crazily. I spread all the work out so not to drive myself or Greg crazy and it worked. The only thing that we have to do that’s a priority is buy the alcohol and candy for the favors. What the hell do you buy for an open bar? The lists I find online are a bit overkill to me. Do I really have to buy gin and bourbon? Who drinks that? How about club soda and ginger ale? What drinks require those? I’m a vodka, wine, beer girl myself. I know nothing of gins and bourbons. Assistance needed.

I apologize if this entry was all over the place. I felt that I needed to touch base on everything that has been on my mind lately. And my mind has been all over the place.

*The state of being without a job, yet having lots of time to enjoy fun activities during otherwise normal working hours.

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