Chocolate loaf FAIL

Let me begin with saying that class was great. I’m still feeling inspired about the bread business. So far so good. But there are three more classes that may convince me otherwise. We’ll see.

On today’s agenda was a chocolate loaf and it took all day! I modified a Food Network recipe and used Nutella instead of chocolate chips. I think I used too much Nutella because the dough was very elastic-y and way sticky.


(Still looks yummy, doesn’t it?)

I hoped it would be fine after it rose but that never happened.  I allowed the yeast to bloom and do it’s thing but sadly the bread never really increased in volume. Bread making is a science and I believe I may have made my second mistake by adding the salt too late in the kneading process.


(So flat)

After waiting two hours and nothing happening I tried the boiling water trick. I boiled some water, stuck it in the oven with the dough. I let it sit there for another 30 minutes and it rose some. Mildly satisfied I decided to bake it. The loaves weren’t very round and they were quite flat but they tasted a lot like a muffin (top?), except a bit drier. Sigh. Oh well. Next time.



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