101 List Revisted

Just wanted to update my 101 List. I don’t think I am doing as bad as I thought.

Timeline: Tuesday, July 1, 2008 to Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1. figure out my career path
2. interview person who I think has the ideal career (event planner, small business owner, freelance writer, someone in advertising) [0/4]

3. pay myself $5 for every mission accomplished [$0/$505]
4. donate $3 for every mission failed
5. pay off my car
6. buy only groceries and gas for one pay period
7. no clothing purchases for 2 months [0/2]

8. increase my speed/decrease my pace
9. give up sweets for 40 days and 40 nights [40/40]
10. stay on point for 30 days [0/30]
11. get to a healthy BMI
12. lose weight and get to ideal size [0/40]
13. stay at ideal size
14. complete 3 marathons (not including the one I completed in Feb) [0/3]
15. make Yoga a habit (I’m aiming for once a week)
16. make spinning class a habit (once a week)
17. do something active at least 3 times a week
18. complete a triathlon
19. work out before work for 5 days straight [0/5]
20. journal my fitness achievements

Self Improvement
21. learn to swim
22. go vegetarian for a week
23. learn Spanish fluently (not my half-ass Spanish)
24. practice my ASL
25. be comfortable dancing swing and/or salsa
26. treat myself to a facial every time I lose 10 lbs. [0/4]
27. re-take the GREs
28. take a photography class
29. take a small business class or math class
30. take a grant writing or technical writing class
31. make an honest attempt to get tech savvy

32. go on a spontaneous car drive
33. take a weekend for myself and go somewhere
34. visit the West coast
35. go abroad with my boyfriend, Greg
36. go skydiving in Switzerland for my 30th birthday
37. visit friends in England
38. visit Australia
39. visit San Fran
40. go to Manchu Picchu
41. go to the Mayan ruins
42. see the Grand Canyon
43. visit Vancouver
44. go to Niagra Falls
45. visit my Aunt Ali in FL
46. move out of Texas
47. go whale-watching
48. check out Gavleston, TX
49. visit Fredericksburg TX
50. walk the Brooklyn Bridge
51. take Greg to Bushwick, Brooklyn AKA “home”

52. surprise Greg with a special treat every other month
53. have the best budgeted wedding ever
54. write one letter to a friend once a month [1/32]
55. send five ‘just because’ care packages [0/5]
56. go on a picnic with Greg
57. call my Aunt Ali once a month [1/32]
58. ask my Aunt Ali how to make two of my fave meals
59. call my sister once a month [1/32]
60. meet friends for happy hours or brunch, 10 times [4/10]
61. try not to hate Buddy the cat

62. work on reading books on your ‘to-read’ list (separate from books listed below) [1/50]
63. read about the Decline of the Roman Empire
64. read 5 Shakespearean plays [0/5]
65. see The God Father trilogy
66. watch the Star Wars movies
67. re-read Harry Potter series
68. finish watching the Buffy series
69. make Greg watch a Brat Pack movie or Dirty Dancing

70. cook a new recipe once a month [14/32]
71. donate clothes I have not worn in over a year
72. host two social gatherings a year (Christmas being one) [0/6] Hosted loads!
73. cook a perníl
74. make a NY style pizza from scratch
75. paint guest room
76. decorate guest room
77. paint living room
78. hang Christmas stockings
79. make Greg an Easter basket

80. go a week without tv
81. refrain from using the internet outside of work for a week
82. load all my cds on iTunes
83. organize iTunes (playlists, delete old songs, etc.)
84. hike/run the Barton Creek greenbelt
85. attend at least one day at Austin City Limits Fest  Bought 3-Day pass!!!
86. attend an event at SXSW
87. go window shopping in SoCo, Austin
88. keep a photo blog detailing achievements on flickr
89. sign up for Netflix
90. attend an opera

91. blog each time I complete/struggle/fail a goal
92. edit my work and make it publishable
93. get published
94. write two new short stories [0/2]
95. go out specifically to take pictures
96. rescue that damn princess in SMB

97. make an effort to remember to bring with me my re-usable bags when going shopping
98. buy produce from local farmers for a month
99. renew my passport
100.have a bake sale and donate the money
101.change any mission if I find that it no longer will improve my quality of life or that of others

Strike through means completed

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