Ideas are blooming

September 1 will be my first of four classes I signed up for. I will be learning the ins and outs of starting a business. I figured the class is short, sweet and inexpensive. Why not sit through it, learn the information and see if owning a business is the route for me to follow? I can use the information to start an event planning, invitation making or a bread baking business. So taking the class, for me, was a no brainer. And there’s a lot a security in learning in a classroom which is why I opted not to try and learn the information on my own. I might try to school myself on how to write a business plan. If I feel too intimidated I’ll just take another class.

Anyhow, I figured yesterday would be a great day to get my hands doughy and try out an Italian bread recipe. Here are some pics of my first trial:

I almost didn’t get this loaf. I misread the instructions and ended up with watery glop. In the garbage it went. Putting my frustrations aside I tried again and got a nice successful loaf. I was pretty proud of not letting my earlier frustration get the better of me. There will be loads of dough that will and won’t make the final cut (tee hee…I made a funny).

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