Relax, relate, release

I was completely able to just relax in Virginia, relate with my girlfriends and release any unemployment stress I have. The Blue Ridge Mountains were just as beautiful as I remember. My friends were more lovely and delightful to be around than I remember. My Richmond/Roanoke trip was brilliant. I did let go of my diet a bit. I allowed myself the pleasure of eating sweets and throwing caution to the wind when faced by foods like this:

The Home Place

And this:

Ice Cream!

My first ice cream all summer!

2.6 lbs. later I am happy. Happy because I did not gain the 5 lbs. I was expecting to. A bit sad that I gained weight but whatever, it’s not often you get to celebrate your bridal showers with best friends at your alma mater. So fun.

Boot camp has been fabulous…but I think I may have tweaked my back. A little over a week ago while doing squat jumps I landed incorrectly and I have been having some really bad lower back pain. So off to the doctor I go! Man, ever since I started exercising regularly my body started falling apart. Oy! I keep going to the doctor to prevent anything small from getting worst. I can’t, can’t, can’t get injured and sidelined. I have no time. Disney is in January and technically the most important months of training are ahead of me.

Now that I am back home it’s time to buckle down and get all the invites cut and put together. We’re having trouble with the margins so hopefully we can make it work in In-Design. Thank goodness for a free 30 Day trial.

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