First day of freedom almost a fail

I woke up at 4:58AM yesterday to get ready for boot camp. Mindlessly grabbed my heart rate monitor, water and keys and headed into the garage. I turned the key and nothing happened. No sounds were made by Wills (my car’s name). Inside lights flickered but nothing else happened. The battery was dead. Not a good way to start the new chapter in your life! Greg came out and (bless him) offered me a ride to the field. If I knew how to drive stick I would’ve left my sweetie home sleeping but sadly his old car died before I could learn and we’ve been a wee bit apprehensive about learning in his new one.

So we drive to some random school off of MoPac and Braker and find no one. I am already a bit peeved but become more so as we drive around looking for a group of people. Nada. The boot camp meets at another location up north, the Arboretum. So Greg drives us over there and again nothing. I was pretty disappointed that my day was not turning out as planned. I was ready to kick my ass and had to settle to do it today. You see, I showed up 24 hours early for my first day! Ugh! I was pretty sure I signed up for MW classes but it was really TTH classes. Oh well. I had the choice to do the evening class at 6PM at the original location I went to in the morning but couldn’t be convinced to work out in the 100 degree weather. If the class was indoors, yes. Outside? No. As of now I am planning on going back to boot camp tomorrow morning at their downtown location. The beauty of this program is that you pay one fee and can go to as many of their classes as you want. If you were insane you could go at least 7 times Monday through Friday. At least.

I purchased a handy dandy heart rate monitor and it said I burned 906 calories this morning. INSANE. I have to run 8 miles to get that sort of results. And I’m a slow runner. That is 900 calories in, like, two hours. This morning’s workout was just under an hour. I’ll take it. Sadly, I was still the weakest link in the bloody group but I am okay with that. I am there to get fit and hopefully next month there will be some nice changes to note.

The rest of my day off was really nice. I got to eat a mammoth, delicious burger at Cover 3 with great friends, visit Jo Ann Fabrics to search for easels, and catch up on my Google Reader once I got home. I still felt a bit anxious all day. I didn’t work out and felt I was building myself up for failure if I didn’t. But finally I just let go and made today the day to get started right. We planned all of our meals (including a green chile burger, whoo ha!) and today I bought all the groceries for them. Come September I better fit in that damn dress. If not, it wasn’t for lack of trying (minus the cheese burger hiccups along the way). Jeebus.

Today’s goal was to write. Unfortunately, blog writing is the only writing that has occurred. I guess that’s better than nothing, right? Tomorrow I think I will do some DIY projects. Maybe print out the invitations and get those started. They have to get mailed next month. Crap. And we still have to finish up our vows. Oy.

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