Simply Lovely

My bridal shower is next month and I have started to get very excited. So excited I bought this lovely from J.Crew today:


Thanks to a 20% off coupon code and a gift card (thanks Michelle!) this little number didn’t break the bank. I won’t feel guilty for shopping while (nearly) unemployed. In other cute-clothes-related news, I have to figure out what to wear to our engagement video shoot. Yes, you read correctly: engagement video shoot. Weird? Not so much. Kooky? A wee bit. Over the top?  A little. Necessary? Not really. So why do it? Well, our new videographer is starting out and has offered to shoot our wedding, my bridals, and an engagement video for a bargain! And who can say no to a bargain? Me!

We are a bit nervous about looking like tools but if we do we won’t share it with anyone. If we are obnoxiously cute (like usual) we’ll post it on the wedding site and share it with family. Here’s hoping my wee weight loss is obvious. I have been a bit hung up that the engagement photos captured the chubby side of me. The video will hopefully show my improvements. *Fingers crossed*

Now, what to wear?

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