I did it for me

I quit my job yesterday. My last day is July 31. I wasn’t planning on discussing it because I felt a bit ashamed. Ashamed that I wasn’t able to leave work at work and not have it affect my personal life. The lack of growth and monotony at work brought me down so much I had little drive after leaving the office. After work was the best time to refocus on goals and complete some. Sadly I just didn’t have the energy. Work drained me of any energy I had left. My unhappiness finally made me, us, come to a decision-I had to quit. I was burnt out in March when I requested an unpaid leave and was denied. I was burnt out when I applied to numerous positions at the college and other places throughout the year, with no success. Guilt made me stay six months longer than I wanted to. The downward economy made me feel bad for wanting to leave a secure, well paid position when so many are unemployed. Finally I realized I had to quit for me. So I did it for me. I put in my resignation and am closing the door on financial aid forever (hopefully!).

Thankfully I have a supportive and wonderful partner who is willing to help me have this time off to sort myself out and hopefully discover what career will make me happy.

Fearful of having no direction during my time off I came up with a list of goals and projects I hope to complete by the time I find employment: Bettering Me. I’m sure it’ll change as I change. I am looking forward to see what happens.

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8 thoughts on “I did it for me

  1. jennabee917 on said:

    I (a complete stranger) am very proud of you! I, too, know how stressful it is to consider leaving a well paid, secure position based on it burning you out. I left my last job and have since then been working for a much lower wage, but have been 1,000% happier and haven’t regretted it once!

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Your words are really comforting, thank you. I too hope I can just find something that makes me happy, even if the pay is lower. Have a good one and thanks again!

  2. Trish on said:

    YAY!!! Congrats girl. I know it’s scary, but you made the right choice. Who cares about all that other BS. What you want and how you feel is the most important thing to realize and make a decision based on. I have a great feeling about the opportunities you will discover now that you don’t have your fear to hold you back!

    • mujerboricua on said:

      Thanks Trish. The nerves are gone now. I found out I don’t have to pay for COBRA insurance because Greg’s job offers domestic partnership coverage. Phew.

  3. Roberta on said:

    Oh, wow! Good for you! I’m happy for you. So brave!

  4. Michelle on said:

    Yay Melizza! I know you’ve been thinking about this for a long time, so it wasn’t a rushed decision. I’m proud of you for putting yourself first. But sadly no more online shopping for you! 🙂

    • mujerboricua on said:

      I know! I am quite sad about that. But I am willing to do without in exchange for my WW and gym membership.

      No shopping at will. Le sigh.

  5. Nicole on said:

    I know that you’re going to find *something* you like. I know what it’s like to be in a crap job, so I don’t blame you in the least.

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