Um…Bad week

You knew it was coming. I lost a bit of gas this workout week. During Saturday’s run the tendinitis in my foot started acting up. It made me walk a bit more but I was *so* okay with it because of the 90+ heat. I finished the run and it still hurt. Stretching helped a bit but unfortunately Sunday I was still limping. Bloody bad arch! I let the pain be the deciding factor in my lack of activity for the day. I’m glad I let it rest but sadly I didn’t pick up the slack yesterday. Today I went spinning after inhaling a tasty BBQ lunch. D’oh. It was so tasty. Definitely went over my points for the week. I think. I didn’t track them Saturday or Sunday so who knows?

But rather than mope about losing track of points and working out failings, I am going to take a look at how far I’ve come since April, when I officially started eating better AND exercising (it’s very hard for me to do both. Sadly it has always been one or the other with me).

So here’s me at the start of the trail series in the beginning of May:



And here I am at the last race in June:


(Yes that is a six-year-old competing! That race was treacherous!!! I cannot believe his parents let him run alone and without water! Insane. Poor thing was about to collapse at the end.)


So the point of this entry was for me not to feel discouraged when I have a bad week. I take a look at these pictures and I see I am making some progress: narrowing a bit in the waist, slimming in the legs and arms. It’s not the fast progress that I hope for but, hey, slow progress is better than none at all.

In non-weight related news, I finished Something Borrowed and it was just what I needed. It was an easy, quick and fun read. The main character was sometimes annoying but forgivable because I related a lot to her insecurities and unrequited crushes. I won’t say too much because I don’t want to give too much away but again, it was fun. Now I am reading a trashy romance book titled The Masquerade. I used to read them in high school. I particular author I read (Brenda Joyce) was great and weaving historical events into her stories. I’m hoping she’s still good at it because I’ve picked up a few of her recent books.

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