Great week!

I kept almost true to last week’s exercise plan except for Monday. I did an easy 20 minute run instead of 30 Day Shred. But I over exceeded my calorie burning goal (burned 2450, estimated 2350). I also fell back on the no-sugar wagon on Monday. I got to sample some delish wedding cakes on Sunday but I was quickly full after a slice and a half. Phew. I was expecting to go to town but I didn’t. Good day. I found myself jonesing for something sweet the last two days and had to resist the urge. It’s crazy how you have to go through a detox of sorts once you’ve re-introduced sugar into the body. I was fine after going without it last week but this week I was craving ice cream fiercely.

I have been having extra points left over at the end of the day and I know  it’s because I am not wasting them on empty foods, like a piece of chocolate here and a slice of cake there. I have been eating quality, filling foods. Feeling great for it and I hope it continues beyond the wedding. I hope by then I have conquered over my bad relationship with sweets. Oh hell, with food in general. I’d hate to get to a “new” me and lose her in a matter of months by falling victim to bad eating habits.

Workout for 6/24-07/01

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 30 Mins./Hill (~150 calories burned)

Friday-Rest Day

Saturday-6 miles (~650)

Sunday-3 miles/easy (~300)  and maybe spinning (~600)

Monday-30 Day Shred (~200)

Tuesday- spinning (~600)

Approximately 1900-2500 calories

In other news….

The book club (we need a name!) has settled on some nice easy reading, Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. I am almost finished with A Thousand Spendid Suns. Amazing writer (his name escapes me but he also wrote the remarkable The Kite Runner) but dammit if this book isn’t a downer. I need happy stuff to read. Looking forward to some fun chic lit.

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