Day one of being sweet-free…Or is it?

After hosting a BBQ theme potluck I have two very delish leftovers in my fridge right now: one slice of cheesecake and several servings of tiramisu. Sadly I have to forgo it because I decided today will be the day to go sweet-free until the wedding (albeit I will be partaking in needless wedding cake tasting on June 21 at the Bridal Extravaganza). Greg wondered if I should postpone the start until tomorrow so I can eat the cheesecake and I have decided to stick to my guns and not have it. There will be enough sweets to be had at the wedding (cake, ice cream and candy, oh my!) and I really can’t keep putting it off. I think I’ll need to go to Whole Foods soon (today) and get some natural sweeteners. I need to see a nutritionist and see if my suspicions are true and that diet anything isn’t so great for you. Maybe the answer is to eat things that are natural (high fructose free) but less of them? Hmm…I believe Whole Foods has a nutritionist on staff and is available for questions during store hours. Something I will have to remember when I go there. With all that said, should I chuck out all the sweets from the house? Greg isn’t big on sweets. I’m the one who buys them. Think I will chuck out most of the stuff he doesn’t touch. Or make him take them to work with him so he can snack on it there if he wants.

I was much to sore from Wednesday’s morning run and evening spin class that I couldn’t do the 30 Day Shred DVD sooo…I will be doing it today after a short 2 mile run. I do love having a treadmill in the house. Saves me from having to go to the gym. Other news on today’s agenda: clean guest room. I have tons of laundry to put away. Can I tell you that I HATE putting away laundry? I will clean the bathroom before putting away laundry. I think it’s because there is so much of it. And it’s only mine. Greg and I do our own clothes. I think the problem is that I organize my clothes so well that it takes forever! All the shirts, skirts and pants are hung in seasonal order, then in ROYGBIV order. My drawers are organized in color order too! And I fold my undies. Yes, I fold my undies. If I get lazy and wait to do laundry I end up with tons to put away and that sucks. I am showering twice a day most of the week lately and that produces a lot of stuff to wash. Oy.  But enough is enough and I have to clean that room. It would be nice to see the bed again. Yes, I let it get that bad *hangs head*. Thankfully the rest of the house is in order.

Off to start the day! Well, continue it really. I’ve been up for ages.

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3 thoughts on “Day one of being sweet-free…Or is it?

  1. Nicole on said:

    So productive! I’m feeling VERY lazy today.

  2. Roberta on said:

    wow. Your laundry responsibility has ME overwhelmed. As for folded undies, it’s civil and I totally support it! =D

  3. Becky on said:

    hooray for fellow underwear-folders!

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