I didn’t gain any weight this past weekend. Thank goodness. I am so bad about going on vacation-mode and cease to believe that the food I gorge on will harm me. I fell into a doubly bad frame of mind this past weekend. I felt it was okay to indulge because I was on vacation AND it was my birthday.

Luckily I (we) walked and ran about 9 miles between exercising and sightseeing. Thank goodness for that.

In other weight-related news…The wedding dress didn’t fit. I expected that. I was suppose to be 20 pounds lighter by now, not 5. Ugh. Time to reevaluate my diet and follow through. Fell off the wagon with planning meals and exercise. Tonight I will work on that. Thinking about eating less processed meals in the hopes that I eat less sugar, sodium and fake crap.

My friend Mardi introduced me to agave and I might be making a switch.

Okay, just wanted to post a quick update while I waited for my WW meeting to begin.

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2 thoughts on “Phew

  1. Roberta on said:

    Oops! Normally, I’d be tsk-ing you for thinking you need to lose weight for the big day, but since you’ve already gone and committed yourself… Bread and potatoes are the biggest weight packers for me. Not sure how they affect you, but switching from bread to crackers and potatoes to rice has been key for me in the past. Good luck with your goals. You are going to beautiful on the big day!

    • Melizza on said:

      I *knew* I was suppose to buy a dress that fit me but the sales woman asked me if I planned to lose weight and suggested I buy a smaller size when I said yes. D’oh!

      I’ve been meaning to get back to where I was after marathon training last year and this dress issue will hopefully make me get there.

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