A new beginning…

…kinda. Austin Fit marathon training started yesterday which means great things: meeting new friends, getting fit and post-run breakfasts! I am really looking forward to challenging myself this week and the weeks to come. I got a very rude awakening: I’m still slow. All the running friends I trained with have since gotten quicker, all placing in the <10 and <12 groups. Sadly I am still in the slowest group and more than likely in the slowest sub-group. Ugh. I should have picked up running after I recovered from my injury. Oh well. I got lazy and now I am ready to start getting ready for Goofy! I am really putting myself out there in attempting the biggest race of my life, but hey, I did the same thing when I signed up for the Austin Distance Challenge and I managed to survive it. My long runs will occur twice a week rather than just one. I have to condition my body to run while tired, which is what I’ll have to do in Disney. Yowsa!

So this week on my workout agenda:

Sunday: Resistance training and 3 mile run

Monday: 20 minute run

Tuesday: 20 minute run

Wednesday: Spinning

Thursday: 20 minute run

Friday: Spinning

Saturday: 2.5 miles

Saturday’s run will be alone and not with a group. I will be in Denver celebrating Greg’s birthday. Here’s hoping the change in elevation does not cause me to get sick during or after my run.

What I am looking forward to the most this training season is getting back to a routine even if that means losing some sleep. Here’s to the start of a new season. Cheers! And wish me luck that I stay injured-free and I survive this new challenge.

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