The Waiting Game

It will be two weeks on Monday that I interviewed for another position. Two days after the interview my boss was called for a reference. Good news, right? Well, I still haven’t heard anything. I’d like to know right now. I want to start planning my new routine. My commute would be shorter and the office will be closer to one of the gyms I frequent. If I get this job it’s a win win: it pays more, it’s closer to home, no students. My quality of life would surely improve. Like I’ve said before, I love my co-workers but the monotony of answering the same questions day in and day out is killing me.Here’s hoping I hear something soon. I am going to email inquiring about it today. I hope that does not turn them off from me. My fear is that they haven’t been able to get in contact with a reference. I’d like to help with that if that’s the hold up. Sigh…waiting blows.

Anyhow, tomorrow is our second pot-luck! Woo hoo. I am hoping it becomes a monthly thing. So far so good. It’s just nice to have people over to eat, drink and be merry. And it makes us clean house. That’s always important. Sadly I love things clean but hate cleaning. It’s awful. Doesn’t help having a lot of house for two people…more floors to sweep and mop! Oy vey.

After work I am going spinning and then home to shower, eat and get our guest room ready for some out of town guests. This morning I managed to get up (it was hard because I didn’t sleep well) and do some weight training. Yesterday I did 4 miles at Town lake. Here’s hoping this is a new routine I have going here. It’s hard not to give up when the results don’t take shape for another few weeks. But I will carry on and hopefully be a bit fitter by next month. Oh crap, I have a half-marathon to do next month. That distance sounds so daunting now.

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One thought on “The Waiting Game

  1. Roberta on said:

    Way to go! I’m so proud of you taking steps to get a different job and for getting back to your exercise program. So inspiring! Good luck with the job and have a blast with the get-together. They are so much fun. We’ve been doing game days almost every weekend–a little Rock Band followed by hours of boardgames. =)

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