When the lights went out

At approximately 11:45 P.M. last night the lights went off.  Normally I would have slept through such an occurence.  Unfortunately early yesterday morning our house was almost broken into while we were sleeping. 

Greg, a light sleeper, woke up after the first or second loud pounding.  I heard the ruckus far away, while still dreaming.  I joined him in the kitchen by the third bang and that’s when our alarm went off.  Still half-asleep Greg took my hand, grabbed his weapon of choice (an intimidating letter opener) and shut us in our bedroom.  The police took an awful long time to get to the house.  Meanwhile the alarm is blaring and we can’t leave the bedroom, just in case the burglars were in the house.  I can’t describe how scared we were and how vulnerable I felt.  Thankfully, the police showed up after about 7 or 10 minutes 9they blamed it on traffic and a shift change).  We got to evaluate the damage and saw that luckily the doorframe held up and the damage has been fixed since.  A state trooper used to own the house and spent a pretty penny to secure it.   Austin has its share of crimes, burglaries being high on the list.  The latest thing is to kick in doors.  I’m guessing they thought we weren’t home because, surprise surprise, we park our cars in the garage, unlike our neighbors. Thank goodness the door held up and the alarm scared them off. 

Last night we got an extra bolt and Greg installed it.  We secured the door with a couple of obstacles and left some lights on. Being scared sucks.  Falling asleep scared is even worst. The fear reminded me of being a kid, afraid after watching a scary movie, waiting for daylight because we all know daylight always seem warmer. Well luck would have it that the lights go off last night. Instant panic filled me.  I was convinced people were back to finish the job.  After looking outside the window we noticed the entire block in darkness-a power outtage.  We didn’t sleep last night, to say the least.  I don’t think Greg and I have ever slept as close as we did last night.  Every little sound made my heart flip, my stomach curdle. Ugh.  So awful.  I feel like crap today but I came into work today because I preferred it than being home alone.

I look forward to the day that I’ll feel safe in our home again. I try to be rational. I know the likelihood that lightning would strike twice in the same spot is very low but I’m still expecting it to. This week sucks. I apologize for any typos. Wrote this for therapeutic reasons more than anything else.

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