Update cont’d

#8 Increase my speed/decrease my pace

Sigh…I haven’t been good at keeping up with my runs during the work week and I suffered for it yesterday.  My friend who runs a 10 minute pace is injured and asked to run with me.  I didn’t look forward to the run because I felt horribly self-conscious (I’m a slow runner).  We ended up running an 11 minute pace for the first two miles and I was dead-tired by mile 4, with 6 more to go!  I ended up walking a lot more than I’d care to admit and feeling like a complete fool and weakling.  Grrr…So I’ve decided that I have to start scheduling my runs and cross training in my Google Calendar and stay true to it.

#9 Give up sweets for 40 days and 40 nights

I’m on Day 27 and it’s going pretty well. I slipped up on the third day and without thinking ordered a mocha.  So that slip-up has added a day.  I won’t be done until August 10.  I’m attending a good friend’s wedding that weekend so I might have to add another sugarless day to the list.  I mean, would you say no to wedding cake?

Giving up sweets has made me realize how much of my daily activities revolve around them.  Let me explain.  I hadn’t realized that I had started equated the end of a meal with dessert.  This past week I found myself constantly disappointed after I finished eating my dinner.  There wasn’t any treat to enjoy afterwards! No sweet goodness.  Also, during evenings or weekend afternoons when there’s nothing to do I always suggest ice cream.  I heart ice cream.  On Greg and I’s first date (Greg is fully aware of this) I would have called it a night had he not suggested we go for ice cream after a walk around Town Lake.  It was while we had ice cream that he opened up a bit more and I saw the possibility of him being a good friend.  I was wrong of course because he’s now my best friend and more.

Anyhow, I miss sweets but I need to try and find other ways to fulfill my sweet tooth (more fruits?) and pass the time.  Once my 40 days are done I think I will try to practice no sweets during the week and the occasional treat on the weekend.

14. complete 3 marathons

Training for Nike and for San Antonio Rock ‘N’ Roll. If I raise the funds for Nike I am so there. As for San Antonio, it’s the one I hope to PR in.  San Antonio is nice and flat.  Thank God. The third marathon?  Who knows.  Maybe it’ll be somewhere I’ve been wanting to go so I can cross that goal off my list at the same time.

15. Make Yoga a habit (I’m aiming for once a week) [0/143] *unless sick or out of town or recovering from a race, 16. Make spinning class a habit (once a week) [0/143] *unless sick or out of town or recovering from a race, 17. Do something active at least 3 times a week [0/143] *unless sick or out of town or recovering from a race

I am making an adjustment to the first two.  I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with once a week. Either I’ve been out of town, sick or just plain busy fundraising, I have found it hard to make it to the classes at the gym.  I am still going to aim for once a week but I’m not going to kill myself trying to get to the classes.

I did make it to spinning a few times in the beginning of the month and to Yoga this morning.  It was my luck that it was a power yoga class.  I’m happy to say I didn’t die as I have in the past but my legs are way tight.  The tightness is mostly due to not stretching after my runs.  I know, I know…I should really stretch to prevent injuries but I’ve been lazy.  Hopefully the Yoga will help my strength, core and flexibility.

21. Learn to swim

Greg and I complete are swimming classes on Wednesday!  We have learned the freestyle and breaststroke. The kicks we learned are the frog, dolphin, and the freestyle (is that what it’s called?).  Tomorrow we attempt to tread water.  Well, I’ll attempt it.  As a class we practiced it once before and I was the only one sucking at it.  Trying to keep myself afloat in 9 ft. of water freaks me out.

*I’m too lazy to edit this right now.  Maybe later 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Update cont’d

  1. Roberta on said:

    Oh, wow! You inspire me with each update to your list. Bravo to you and Greg for the swim class. As for keeping up with the exercise per week, once the swim class ends why not reallocate that time to yoga at home? You can convince Greg to join you. That way, you still get the Greg time AND you don’t feel guilty for letting your busy week take over your stretch time.

    I’m so amazed at 27 days without sugar. Very awesome!

  2. Mela on said:

    There’s something very satisfying about crossing a task off a list. I love that I am holding myself accountable to this list, therefore doing all the things I’ve been wanting to accomplish : ) Do a list!

    I took your suggestion and asked Greg if he would try Yoga at home after work and he might be game. I might have to prod a bit but I bet he’ll participate.

  3. Your note about the sweets — and simply expecting them after meals — is a real bullseye statement for me. I catch myself thinking about my dessert before I’ve even finished my dinner. Which means I don’t fully enjoy my dinner! It’s a vicious cycle. I’d be interested to hear how your experience of meals changes by the end of your 40 days.

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