I’m a work in progress (Mission 101 update)

Today is Day 27 from when I started the list so I figured it was time to provide an update on how things are going (or not).  Most of my goals are long-term and I won’t be able to cross them off until several months later.  Blogging will help keep me honest on how well I am working on accomplishing them.

#1 Figure out career path and #2 Interview someone with the ideal career

With three years of volunteering under my belt I was perfect for office work. The Director of Financial Aid at Hollins thought so too and that’s how I ended up doing work-study in financial aid.  I stayed there for four years.  It was an okay job.  I was treated well and I got presents for Christmas and a party at the end of the year, so why would I leave?  Well, I was too scared to bite the hand that fed me honestly.  I feared that if I left my financial aid would horrible decrease the following year and I would end up struggling to pay the rest of the tuition.  I doubt I that would have been the outcome if I left for another departmental job but I was too young and naive to think otherwise.  After finishing my masters in England I came back, settling back in Virginia because the cost of living was cheap and all my friends were there.  I ended up back at Hollins working in financial aid and that’s what I still do today.  Ten years later and I am still doing a job that doesn’t make me happy and frustrates the heck out of me most often than not.

Last year I made it my job to go back to school.  My cousin, who holds a P.h.D. in Sociology and is currently teaching at Princeton, convinced me sociology was the right track for me to pursue.  I believed it even though I never really bought the idea of me teaching sociology and becoming a significant researcher in the field.  I studied creative writing and literature.  My passion lies in fiction books and stories, not quantitative research.  Anyhow, I didn’t get into the sociology programs I applied to and it took a long time to get over it.  I never got a rejection letter back when I applied to undergrad.  I applied to fourteen schools and had my choice between all of them.

Well now I think I am over the rejection and I am ready to pursue a career that will make me happy and provide some healthy challenges.  I made an appointment to speak with an advisor in the Advertising Department at UT.  Tomorrow I meet with him and I’ll be able to ask him my list of questions.  I think I’m doing it the right way this time.  Last time I didn’t bother meeting with faculty and finding out if sociology was the path for me.  If things go well tomorrow I will be applying in the fall. Hopefully advertising will become the creative outlet I’ve been searching for.

Luckily for me I graduated with someone who is currently working in one of the top advertising agencies in America.  I’ll be calling her soon so I can find out what questions I should ask and learn what all she loves about her career.

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