A tiring but productive day

The day started by waking up at 5:30AM. Today Michelle, my Team in Training teammate and friend, had our garage sale. I didn’t expect all the work that went into it: running around town picking up donated items, getting change at the bank, pricing and sorting the items, preparing the food we sold, setting up all the stuff and dealing with loads of Spanish-only customers.

The effort was well worth it. We raised close to $400 and got to clean house. I even met someone I hope to be a new friend. Her name is Isobel and she came across our sale and bought a few things. I’m quite impressed that my forlorn Spanish helped me speak with her and several other customers. It was kinda exciting. Being away from home I rarely speak it and find it hard to speak with my grandma when I call her. Anyhow, Isobel bought a carpet from us but couldn’t take it home with her since she didn’t have a car. After trying to arrange a later pick-up time I simply offered to take her home. We got to chatting about her family and how she spends her weekend visiting yard sales. After I got to her house she took me inside and showed me pictures of her children and grandchildren. It was all very sweet. She even showed me her china cabinet full of various knick-knacks from, I guess, yard sales. Giving her a ride made my morning.

I got home afterwards and sadly we didn’t sell any of the sausage wraps we were selling. They were a great idea, but we didn’t execute it well. We should have featured it more and asked people if they wanted to buy some. We assumed people would read the sign and just ask. We were wrong. We only sold one to someone beside our friends (bless’em). If I had to do it again I think I would organize the clothes better (they were in boxes) and feature the nice ticket items. Oh well, you live you learn. We had a bunch of leftover clothes and furniture. We put a big “Free” sign and everything but some chairs and a dresser were taken. Here’s hoping someone comes by because I don’t want to lug it to Goodwill and I’d prefer someone have it for free than pay for it at Goodwill.

After a long and very tiring day I am done and we celebrated with some Chick-fil-A. I also hit the sales at J. Crew and got some very cute dresses. Score. Now I am relaxing and thinking about what to do tonight. We’re planning on cooking some jambalaya with the leftover sausages. That will take care of one of my goals for the month: cook a new recipe once a month. Yay!

I should also start thinking about the next fundraiser. I managed to get some gift certs from local businesses so I am going to have a raffle/raffle party. The only problem I have with doing it is that I can’t do it until the end of next moth, after the TNT recommitment party. At the party I have to re-commit to raising my goal. It’s pretty nerve-wracking. I thought I would be half-way by now. I told myself I wouldn’t recommit if I wasn’t half-way. I feel stuck. I guess if I don’t, at least I’ve raised $1200 for cancer research and that isn’t money to sneeze at. Sigh..but I don’t want to quit. I’m not a quitter. I have to brainstorm some ideas and if you have any send me some…please.

As for now, I think I am going to relax and look up some movie time for Batman: The Dark Knight.  Oh yes, and mentally prepare to run 14 miles tomorrow alone since I missed the team workout due to the sale.  Must not think about it.

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One thought on “A tiring but productive day

  1. Could you turn you cookie party into a fundraiser?

    Maybe an auction. With small samples for people to try, and that can help them decide which plate of cookies to bid for.

    I see a gavel …

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