Tommy Tallarico, the Quentin Tarantino of Video Games Live

Greg dragged took me along with him to go see Video Games Live! A compilation of video games music was performed by a symphony and choir, combined with synchronized lighting. As certain songs played, the video game they were in showed on a giant screen above the performers. All sounds like it could be pretty cool, huh? Well, I think it would have been a lot better had it not been for Mr. Tommy Tallarico. He is a video game composer and co-creator of the concert. Rather than hire someone to MC he took it upon himself to do the job. He fumbled over introduction and even hammed it up by playing the bloody guitar on stages for what seemed a horribly long time. He was and is a douche. He reminded me of Quentin Tarantino: brilliant off the screen, pretty dull on it. Tommy needs to take a step back and let the music do the work and maybe then people can leave 45 minutes sooner rather than suffer during all his talking. Bah! I wanted more flow and he kept interrupting that. It’s a shame because the concert would’ve been pretty good otherwise.

The highlight of the whole evening was a performance from Martin Leung. See for yourself if you want. He’s pretty freakin’ awesome: I would have liked to have seen more of him and less of Mr. Tallarico. Douche.

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