Karen tagged me, so here goes!

Copy the rules (or your version of them) and the set of questions onto your blog post, provide your own answers and then tag at least 5 new people. If tagged, you’ll find your name at the end of this post.

To be sure everyone tagged knows they’ve been invited to play, go to their blogs and leave them a comment notifying and referring them to your blog for details.

Lastly, once the chosen have answered the questions on their own blog, they should come back to yours to tell you.

Here are my responses.
1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?
None.  My only form of exercise was walking.  There’s no way around that living in NYC.
2. What is your best and worst run/race experience?
Best- ARA 30K.  It was hella hilly but I went in knowing I wouldn’t run the hills so with that anxiety put away I really got to enjoy the scenery and my friends’ company.  It was a grueling race but pretty darn fun too.

Worst- The horrible ARC Decker 20K race.  Slow runners suffered during this race.  It was about 85 degrees with 100% humidity.  The first two water stops ran out of water.  Thankfully I carry a fuel belt and had Accerlorade on me but I was running out.   It was awful.  One of the volunteers went off to buy jugs of water and drove alongside the route handing some out.  To make matters worst there was all sorts of smelly roadkill throughout the whole race.  Grim.  This year the race will be a half marathon.  Just great.

3. Why do you run?
I ask myself the same thing when I feel worn out.  I keep going because I’ve never ever considered giving up.  I think I enjoy running so much because there are always goals to accomplish: become faster, learn how to eat properly, look for the next race.  I also run because it allows me to concentrate on me and I like “me” time.  Lastly, I’ve been the most confident about myself after I finish a hard run.  Finishing is one of the best, most satisfying feelings. Ever.

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you’ve been given about running?
Listen to your body!  Don’t start fueling once your body has started to lose steam.  It’ll take you some time to recover.  Oh!  And whomever said that you running will only cost you the price of a pay of sneakers lied!  I’ve spent quite a bit of money on running gear.  No regrets, just wanted to throw that out there.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I am right there along with Karen “How I think about fitting a baby (or two) into my running plans and desires. ”  I admire and I’m a bit jealous of those parents who can run 8 minute miles while pushing 60 lbs of weight. And what better way to instill healthy habits in your little ones than practicing good ones with them at an early age.




Rebecca (Austin Fit)

Cindy (UT/Austin Fit)

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