Sugar-free does the body good

I thought that when I gave up sweets I would turn into the devil’s bride and spit fire. So far it’s day 4 (of 40) and I am doing pretty darn well. Not only well but very energized. I’ve been spinning up a storm and even made it to my weekly track practice. What helped inspire me was sharing a workout spreadsheet with my friend Michelle, who happens to be very competitive. And anyone who has played Cranium with me knows that I can be quite competitive myself. Using Google Docs I made a spreadsheet where we can track our type of exercise, calories burned, level of intensity, etc. Take a looksie:

Still working on making it more useful but for now it has gotten the job done-sparking both of our drives. It’ll also be nice to refer to and see our progress. I have a Garmin watch that graphs all my runs and that has helped a bit. I need to start being a lot better about analyzing the data, seeing why my bad runs were, well, bad. It’s often because I had margaritas the night before, or greasy nachos. My best runs have been when I’ve eaten a Luna bar or something like it beforehand. But sadly I can’t stomach those things. Forcing one down is not an option. I’ve started eating half a bagel instead. In the winter I’ll switch to oatmeal. Finding the perfect fuel is pretty crucial to me because if I start my run on a bad foot (no pun intended) then my confidence is shot. With my long runs getting longer I can’t afford to have bad runs. Funny enough, last season, I didn’t start enjoying my runs until we started doing 12 miles and over. So…with that said I hope next week’s 12 miler will prove to be nice, steady and doable. Last week I felt very done after having done 7. I had to remind myself several times that once the mileage reaches double digits I am going to wish for my single digit days. I was supposed to do 10 but cut it short since I was running 6 the next day. Glad I did because the trail run wore me out.

Anyhow, I’m seeing a lot less sluggishness with my decreased sugar intake. I hope that I remain energized and I’ll start producing some faster times in the next few weeks. I’ve been obsessed with becoming faster. Must be the competitive streak in me.

Oh! Greg and I start swimming lessons on Monday. Yes, we both don’t know how to swim. And yay to his employer ( for letting him leave early to attend the lesson! I’m very excited. By next year I hope to have competed in my first triathlon. So wish us luck! We’ve both struggled to learn and hopefully by the end of the month we can officially be guppies!

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One thought on “Sugar-free does the body good

  1. Sugar-free for 40 days? Good luck! You are stronger than I am. I know what you mean about bad fuel leading to bad runs. It never fails that if I eat crap that is not really good for me I have a terrible long run. I never cramp unless I cave and have a cookie the day of my long run LOL. I’m going to have to really work on the fueling issue now that I am training for a marathon. I have a solid routine for a half-marathon but I’ve never run further than that. I don’t know if 1/2 a PBJ and some Sports Beans will work for a 20-miler. I also need to re-research how to eat the days *before* those types of runs. I read this book and it mentioned that the day before a race is not the day to carbo-load. That should have been done the few days prior. So much to think about – *sigh*.

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