Brunchers beware

Austin is a FABULOUS city. Love it, love it, love it. Everyone seems to take advantage what the city has to offer: great outdoor activities, trendy shops, tasty eateries. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go out for brunch. But I think it’s everyone else’s favorite thing to do as well. Greg and I make sure to get to our fave restaurant by 9AM to beat the brunch crowd. After my race on Sunday I went home, showered and off we went to eat. We figured it was close to 11 so maybe, just maybe we had missed the 10 AM crowd. No. Not only did we not miss the crowd we had to wait in the busy front until we were seated. The worst part was watching several tables where people were chatting, their food long ago eaten! How effin’ rude! Greg and I are very considerate and always leave as soon as I’m done with my coffee (which doesn’t take long). I can’t sit there and shoot the shit while 15 or so people are waiting to be seated. If my turn is up I gladly move on.

No amount of deathly stares made these people leave. We ended up sitting at the counter because it was the only seating available. I mean really, how can people like that not get it? Oh well.

On a side note, Saturday I saw a 8′ boa constrictor on the side of road I was running by. The very next day I came across a 3′ garden snake during the trail run. Made me wonder if the Sorting Hat would place me in Slytherin.

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