Mission #21 and #9

Goal # 21

I have started to think about which missions I am going to work on starting in July. I started to look into how to complete Mission #21: learn to swim. I went ahead and bought a swimsuit. Not just any swimsuit, but a cute sporty one that I can learn to swim in and then start training in. I have even shopped around for swimming lessons and found a pretty good deal at the Y. I shouldn’t be too surprised but a lot of the classes out there are geared towards little ones. I guess they are easier to teach, and save when panicked.

Friends have often offered to teach me but it never worked. Life interrupted and I never learned. But now I’m determined and looking forward to a new activity to do. Man, I wonder what the chlorine is going to do to my hair? Best not to think about it.

Mission #9: Give up sweets for 40 days and 40 nights. I’m a former Catholic that practiced Lent to lose weight. Seriously. I called it my Diet for Jesus. It worked. I gave up sweets for 40 days and 40 nights and it made a huge difference on my weight loss. The bad thing once you start eating the sugar again you’re like a crack fiend looking for the next fix. This time I am looking to discover some insight to my “dependency” to the sugar/smack. I’m hoping that after I’m done I’ll be lighter on my toes and have a better relationship with all things sweet.

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2 thoughts on “Mission #21 and #9

  1. 57600minutes on said:

    I am also planning to practice lent for 57600 minutes.

    No Sweets
    No Junk Food
    No Movies
    No Impure Thoughts

  2. Eowyn on said:

    I did swimming lessons as an adult. At the first lesson, the teacher told me to just float my way across the pool. From floundering through the water, making lots of noise, gasps and little progess, I now actually have what I would call a swimming style.

    Good luck with the swimming.

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