Spinning and weddings (they are related, I swear)

On Sunday, I went to my first spinning class in months. I woke up that morning and took my friend’s advice to make a choice regarding that day. My choices were to either go to the class or stay in bed. Either way I told myself I would not make myself feel bad if I opted for one over the other. With the pressure off I happily decided to go to spinning. I got there early, reserved my bike and warmed up a bit. It felt nice to be there with all the early birds getting their work-out on. It wasn’t crowded or noisy. Or messy. At my gym, when you go at the end of the day the locker rooms are littered with paper towels everywhere.

Once I finished doing a bit of weights I went to class and attempted to set up my bike. I never got it right. Next time I will ask for some help figuring the right height. Overall, the class was pretty awesome. K, the instructor, had fabulous music: Bush, Usher, U-2. A nice upbeat mix. I can see myself going back every Sunday. She teaches again tomorrow at 5:30AM but who am I kidding? I’ll try to get up but I doubt I’ll stay up.

Anyhow, while spinning I thought of Lindsay’s finance, Patrick, and how an amazing cyclist he is and how the class would more than likely be a piece of cake for him. There were a couple of cyclists in the class and by the end there were pools of sweat surrounding their bikes. Crazy! I remember thinking, “I want to be just like them.” As I spun along my thoughts went to all the weddings I have to go to this year, Lindsay and Patrick’s included. They all happen to be in August and onwards. It’s that time I guess. I have two (Canada and Texas) in August, one (North Carolina) in October and one (Arizona) in December. I love weddings and I’m looking forward to all of them. What I am not looking forward to is all the traveling. Flying is no longer convenient with all the additional fees and restrictions they keep adding on. I plan on not checking any bags on, which can prove to be tricky. My Canada trip includes a visit in Boston so I will be a way for a week. It’ll be tricky to pack a week’s worth of stuff (cold-weather clothes included) in a teensy bag that fits in the overheard bin. But I am up for the challenge! Looking forward to it.

Sadly, because of all the traveling I can’t afford to take the time off from work to go to my high school reunion. I think I’ll save my next trip up to NYC for when I go home for Christmas. Greg and I both get about two weeks off and it’ll be our first visit to my birth city together. How sweet. I’m looking forward to showing him around my Brooklyn. But I am afraid my Brooklyn has changed a lot since I left in ’98 leaving me lacking as a tour guide. Oh well. Guess we’ll see.

I know this blog went all over the place but you have to admit, I connected spinning with weddings nicely.

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