When did I forget about my own birthday?

My birthday is in exactly five days and frankly I don’t care. But you don’t understand, that is very unlike me. I LOVE my birthday. I sit corrected…loved my birthday. My birthday was the one day when I felt it was okay to remind everyone of how wonderful and amazing I am. Other than your wedding day, your birthday is the day that is all about you. So to my sadness I forgot it was coming up. Is it because I am getting old and want to stop being reminded of that? Is it because my old teenage self would be disappointed with the twenty-something me? Or is it because my best friends are all far away? I like to think it’s the latter.

I’d love to celebrate my birthday this weekend with my new Austin friends but I recently had them over for a housewarming and would hate to ask them for their time once again. So I am stuck wondering what to do with such little time to plan anything. Even though my pocket hasn’t been drastically affected by gas prices I refuse to drive anywhere unless it is truly necessary, so a road trip is out. I’d love to cook a grand dinner for friends but again, that entails asking people for time. What to do, what to do…?

I wouldn’t be so concerned if my best friends were here. They would throw me a huge party and I would blow out candles from at least three different birthday cakes given to me the week leading up to my birthday. Sigh. Those were the (fat) days.

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