Trail run=fun

Today was my first trail run, a 10K: not too quick, not too long. I normally run with a group but lately I’ve been training mostly by myself. I am training for the Nike Women’s marathon and my new training group mostly trains together during the week. During our long runs everyone separates, which I’m not used to. Any group I join from now on, I realize now, will never compare to my first group’s camaraderie. We really clicked. We were there for each other on hard days, lever leaving a struggling runner (usually me) behind. Anyhow, with this new group it’s basically each runner to themselves. Having gotten used to talking while running I don’t carry an ipod. I may have to start. But back to the trail run…

It was kinda nice not to wait for anyone or feel that you were keeping your group back. I was able to really concentrate at the task at hand: not tripping or rolling my ankles while running. I really enjoyed pushing hard and relaxing when the hills got kinda steep. I even played a game of “Catch Up” with unknown to the other runners involved them. My goal was to finish before three ladies that started alongside me. And I did 🙂

Since joining my new team I have learned to concentrate and compete with myself and (a bit) with others. That competition ignites me and makes me run that extra bit. I run/walk and I hope to increase my running time. I had a great, fun run today. I am actually looking forward to seeing how I improve.

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